Soybean Project(Soybean Sorting Machine)

 “Increase the self-efficiency of domestic produced soybean!” 
Soybean is a key food for Japanese people; however, the self-sufficiency rate is only 20%.  Therefore, Japan depends heavily on imported soybean. OHYA SEISAKUJYO invented the soybean sorting machine to help reduce the workload of small farmers. The machine was developed in cooperation with the youth club of local industry associations and farmers’ opinions.  We will continue to help both sides by tie-ups between town factories and different industries.


This machine is specialized in sorting by size.

It is possible to sort soybeans efficiently and accurately automatically after harvesting. (Manual operation is also possible)

This sorting machine saves a lot of the time compared to manual work. 

3 Features of machine

Sorting capability is 30kg per hour (depend on crop)

Small size and easy to portable.  Fits in any place.

The machine can sort any shape of soybeans by changing the gradient of table easily.  (Mesh size could change depending on the beans)

Assembly parts: Frame, Sorting parts, Slot, Sorting Drum

Weight: approx. 25kg

Power supply: AC 100V (with speed controller) or manual operation handle

​Dimension:  Height 1300mm (Top of slot) / Width 650mm (Sorting table end)  1300mm (Drum end) / Depth 900mm


Substitution of Sorting Work

We accept sorting work from farmers at OHYA SEISAKUJYO.

(Domestic orders Only)

Please apply with the form below.

We take 20% of soybeans as a reward.

※ (We will take 20% will be from normal beans and 80% will be returned to the farmers)

Shipping cost is at farmers’ expense.  Bad beans would also be returned.



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