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Earth-friendly manufacturing

In ancient times, humans lived by hunting animals and picking up nuts from trees.
​They eventually mastered the art of making fire using frictional heat and opened up a great path to civilization.

Oya Seisakusho pursues technological value using frictional heat, and
We value the fundamental human activities and aim for a sustainable society.

 Friction welding is a “low carbon technology”

Carbon emissions from material procurement to manufacturing are lower compared to machining.This has a 67% reduction effect.Our company is from Kawasaki City.Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand '20is certified.


 Manufacturing powered by renewable energy 

We purchase the electricity we use for our business from renewable energy-based power generation companies.
Obtained non-fossil certificate with tracking.


 Circular economy(CE)Exploring  

By utilizing the characteristics of friction welding to regenerate a variety of products from a large number of used parts, we will create a new business model for a recycling-oriented society.


Approach to food

The major goal of the soybean sorting machines that we manufacture and sell is to increase the domestic soybean self-sufficiency rate.
We developed this product with the hope of contributing to recycling-oriented agriculture.

bless the food

《Business concept》
■Creating an environment for soybean cultivation
■Increase the amount of soybeans distributed
■Reducing the economic burden on farmers

Approach to food



Power plant 


Heavy machinery



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