Company Policy


『 Work healthy and honestly 

Healthy〕Employees have to be.

​〔Honestly〕We work for the society.

This is the company policy of OHYA SEISAKUJYO, which passed down from the founder.  
We are aiming for the manufacturer to be able to think about the exploration of skills and environmental load based on the company policy.
We put a great importance on the making of “workpieces touched by hands” and passing down to the next generations.
All employees work together to build up this company from now on.

Future Visions


Environment Policy

OHYA SEISAKUJYO buys electricity from the plant which produces Renewable energy.  Moreover, Friction pressure welding makes it possible to reduce the resource consumption because it is a highly efficient method.  This is a breakthrough solution that can partially repair and reuse metal parts that have deteriorated due to wear.  As one of the manufacturing companies, we would like to put more effort to the reduction of environmental impact.

Friction pressure welding is “Low carbon skill”

Friction pressure welding can reduce 67% of carbon emission through the process from material procurement to manufacturing compared to the traditional cutting work. 

​OHYA SEISAKUJYO is certified as “Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand 20” by Kawasaki city.

 Manufacturing based on renewable energy 

OHYA SEISAKUJYO buys electricity from the plant which produces Renewable energy.
It is acquired Non-fossil fuel energy certification with tracking information. 

 Seeking for Circular economy (CE) 

OHYA SEISAKUJYO creates new business models towards a recycling–based society which utilizes the characteristics of friction pressure welding.

Alignment to research institutions


OHYA SEISAKUJYO seeks better results in conditions and evaluations of friction pressure welding with universities and research institutions. We always look to increase the skill levels by conducting dynamic evaluation (tensile test) and static evaluation (structure observation) at the inspection institution to gain more trust of customers.

An endurance testing of tensile strength tester

Electron microscope analysis of welding point



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